Amazon and WhatsApp falling short in users messages private says EFF

A report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation privacy practices, Apple received four stars out of five stars in the latest report. Other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Amazon received got only two stars, while telecommunications companies received only one star. EFF evaluated twenty –five companies and ranked them based on five categories. The seventh annual privacy report of the “Who Has Your Back” analyzed the policies and public actions of the top companies in the market. They rate them out of five categories industry best practices, privacy policies and their dealing with governments. They include two new entries of ‘promises not to sell out the users’ and ‘stands up to National Security Letter (NSL) gag orders’.

EFF said they were disappointed that two technology companies fell short of other online services Amazon and WhatsApp. The two companies one that handles private communications, the other the world’s largest retailer with a track record of good customer service were criticized for not having strong public policies around the notification of government data requests.
EFF said they urge both Amazon and WhatsApp to improve their policies in the coming year so they match the standards of other major online services. Remarkable telecom companies in US such as T –Mobile, Comcast, AT&T and Verizon which each scored one star in EFF analyze. They also berated for failing to commit to keeping the user’s information on protecting their data and also for failing to publicly state a policy of requested judicial review of the gag orders of NSLs.

Nate Cardozo, the senior staff said that the tech industry as a whole has moved toward providing its users with more transparency but telecommunication companies which serve as the pipeline for communications and internet service for millions of Americans are failing to publicly push back against government overreach. Both legacy telecoms and the giants of Silicon Valley can do better, we expect from the companies to protect the user’s data and not to exploit it because we have entrusted them. Amazon has not responded to a request for the comment and WhatsApp has declined to the comment.

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