Whatsapp updated feature lets user share files in any format

Whatsapp, the most popular gigantic messaging apps on the market with more than one billion users keeps on getting improved with all the day to day updates. At the same time, the app has also been the subject of readily copying Snapchat like feature known as Status. This would not be reverse to disclose that the feature has built up the overall messaging participation.

At present, the top messaging app has been renovated once again, delivering an expansion to the feature, which we all like. The latest version of Whatsapp now lets you share files with your contacts in any format, which you like.

Whatsapp has been renovated with the capacity to share files in any format. On a smartphone, the file size limit is 100MB whereas on iOS we get somewhat more than 128MB.

You can even share everything which you like starting from APK files, MP3s, archives or another type of files. The feature renewed in the testing phase and the work is in progress last month. The essential part about that is that it works with the assistance of web-based client as well. This denotes that you now have a large variety of sources to send files to your contacts.

In addition to this, the new update also combines more functions to the table on the whole. You now have the capacity to pick photos and videos straight away from the app’s camera. This will make it much easy for the app user to share their photos, documents, and videos as a scroll- list is accessible to comfortably pick photos from. It’s obviously a neat extension as it offers an ease of access to your mobile.

The capacity to share a file with several formats is certainly a plus for users. Using this, users now have to build a lot less than the other services if they are seeking to share a specific type of file. This also integrates the entire experience as you get an overall package and you’re not just limited to sharing texts with your contacts.


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