India ranks top in employing Whatsapp video calling features

The instant messaging and video calling app, the Whatsapp has shared a lot of attractive figures in compliments to video calling. The major reason that Whatsapp is notably a popular app in India doesn’t certainly come as a surprise, but that it has exceeded all other nations in the world to have the largest video calling does sound like an influential achievement.

It has disclosed that with about 50 million video calls a day; India is on the top place over the world. The user base of this app is regularly lifting up as the launch of video calling feature in November last year.

To attract more customers, Whatsapp is continually adding new features. At present, it has got about 1.2 billion users across the globe while 200 million users are from India alone.

Whatsapp is much standard among teenagers and enterprise peoples. If we peep into the worldwide figures of Whatsapp calling, it represents above 340 million video calling minutes a day. India is the biggest subscriber with more than 50 million minute calls a day. Get your own Demo and from zoplay.

This is really very astonishing taking into account the 200 million users. One of the main reasons behind this development is the introduction of 4G networks in India. Due to the initiation of the 4G cellular networks, the user base has increased to a large extent.

The telcos are offering data at a much low rate. This has expanded the usage of the smartphone applications as well. If we examine the present 4G data packs with preceding packs, they are almost collapsed. There is a great decline in price and users have begun to use the Internet more commonly.

Whatsapp calling feature works very easily on irregular cellular networks as well. It lets users make voice and video calling on 2G networks as well. As disclosed before, Whatsapp is continuously adding new features. The recent feature it has started is the status feature. This feature let’s the customers share pictures and videos, which will disappear in 24 hrs.

Seeing about the go-live, the aspect is used by 175 million customers every day. The firm has a short while ago renovated the iOS version also. This new feature lets Siri read the messages. In its recent updates, some of the beta users have dotted the capacity to recollect the sent messages.

In addition to this, the location sharing feature was also established. Appealingly, Whatsapp is glancing forward to add payment system in its app. This will allow users to send and retrieve money to other app users in the bit of the second.

Whatsapp is really working hard to advance its services in order to access the user base. You can view through many more features approaching in the messaging app like scimbo

Whatsapp’s Global start-up of Video Calling in India

Whatsapp has disclosed their video calling approach in an international launch event in New Delhi, which is a big deal. The most important fact is that the worldwide messaging giant chose India to start this feature.

When users run an instant messaging app with above billion users across the globe, everything is done for a good reasonable cause. There is a lot of reason why Whatsapp is striking on India’s doors.

Manpreet Singh, a modest still brilliant product manager at the globes biggest instant messaging app firm Whatsapp, you can’t assist them but feel a sense of self-esteem.

An Indian engineer was associated with Whatsapp in 2013 to establish the voice calling feature that empowers over 100 million daily associated calls is much at Jan Koum’s international business.


Making a huge success by initiating voice calling, Manpreet makes his next step on the video calling on Whatsapp application. At present, video calling is not a new feature. Skype has been doing it for over ten years; others like Facebook’s own Messenger have had it for a few years.

The absolute scale of the network makes Whatsapp video calling feature a gigantic task for the firm. With about one billion monthly active users all over the globe, of which India provides a massive 160 million, Whatsapp aids any other messaging app on the globe when it approaches volume.

Since the application works well with Wi-Fi and on all generations, the popularity of the app gets increased. Youngsters make use of it to communicate with their friends, offices make use of it for updates and interaction with teams, and enterprises use it for e-commerce and customer support.

Even the Law enforcement department and government agents make use of it regularly for entertainment purpose.

Amongst increasing responsibilities of security and privacy, he had to assure that it was safe and peer-to-peer encrypted so eavesdroppers can’t get into your video chats with your beloved person.

At last, he had to assure that the feature just works like that from all over the world on hundreds of networks and thousands of smartphone models. If this didn’t stress at all, like most new features in the application, only they have done Manpreet worked on the new video calling feature and the coding and testing for months.

By studying and reforming the product for Indian Whatsapp users gave it a natural universal application. We are all some of the most discriminating app consumers across the globe with over 180 million users on Whatsapp global network. Video calling on Whatsapp is built to work with different kinds of network speeds.


Another main advantage is that the application supports all data types with which the users can experience video calling facilities. If you’re on 3G, like most of the Indian mobile phone users, the video gets treasured and gets shared with you in parts.

This is a different method when compared to Google’s Duo video calling app. In Duo, the bandwidth is low for advocating video calling, only the audio persists and video gets ceased. Whatsapp has progressed on better video consideration and hopes pushing video packets through hideout are the best approach as people needs to see the person on the other end on a video call.

However, testing needs to be performed like how the feature works in a real environment. In August 2016, when Whatsapp updated their privacy policy and admit to sharing user’s statistical information with Facebook, there was an extensive confusion.

User’s feels warned and amongst all the confusion, there was a permissible battle to stop sharing of data.

Luckily for Whatsapp, a Delhi High Court bench directed by Justice G Rohini admits Whatsapp to go with the improved privacy policy and to measure user data with Facebook. Although India is the largest market for Whatsapp, they do not have a devoted public policy person who liaises with the Indian government.

Facebook’s India public policy team takes over Whatsapp and other social media properties. As long as Whatsapp enjoys huge generosity and usage in all sections of society which even includes babus, a universal event presented in India by the firm gives back improved obligation to the market.

With 4G devices going better and cheaper, Reliance Jio’s push accomplishing the necessary player’s data achievement better, and near to 200 million users, Whatsapp is prepared to make video calling the next big omnipresent feature on our smartphones.